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Whenever you need a sound system to pump up the drum & bass line, filling the dance floor at:

  • Your local Pub
  • Private Clubs
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Birthday Parties & Private functions
  • Outdoor parties & festivals
  • DJ slots at live gigs

Or any other session that needs some good vibes, then contact us now to discuss your booking needs.

Nestafari events

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Nestafari Sounds

01269 824626 (Cross Keys Inn) 07748 652324 (DJ Jah P) dj@nestafarisounds.com

A portrait of DJ Jah P, smiling.

To find out more about DJ Jah P, check out the jeli sound archives.

This interview with Paul Chandler, aka Jah P, focuses on his experience in the growing world music scene of the 1980’s.